You may have noticed a change

You may have noticed something different around here. Though I highly doubt it because almost no one ever read this blog.  I don't know what I need to do to appease you people. I mean I had at least six posts in the three years I've had this domain :)

Yes I've switched from self hosted wordpress to blogger. Why? I did not have any problems with Wordpress. In fact I really love it. I highly recommend it.  I consider it the best blogging platform out there.  Continuously maintained with a long list of useful addons it tends to kick bloggers patutty.

In 2006 I purchased a hosting package from 1and1 it included five domains and some hosting with access to ftp and mysql.  My plan at the time was to invent the next big internet sensation.  I never did. All I ended up with were a couple of Wordpress blogs.  Recently I checked out how much the plan was costing.  It had escalated to almost four times what I was initially paying.  None of this was underhanded by 1and1.  They had been sending me invoices the entire time and keeping me informed.  I just didn't pay attention. 

I realize now that I will never build a great internet phenomenon. All I really want is a couple of blogs.  So I threw up a couple of blogger blogs (actually re-opened one I had had since 2003), redirected the domains, and cancelled my 1and1 package.

As you can see I am just using a standard theme at this time.  If I feel like it I will update it a little bit. Like usual I had grand plans when I registered this domain years ago.  I imagined making some money off it.  Perhaps having some adds and affiliate links.  Now I'll just be happy if I happen to write a post every once in awhile.


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    1. Sorry I don't have a 725 to test on. I can only recommend following the instructions here but with the latest bios for the 725


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