Fixing a sticky middle button on a Logitech G500 mouse

For years I've used a Logitech G500 mouse.  I had a G5 mouse before which I thought was slightly better but I have really found the G500 to be a good mouse. Recently I began having a problem were the middle button would act like it was being pushed when it wasn't. This made things difficult.  Tabs in my browser would close when I tried to switch to them etc.  I looked online and this problem had been experienced by other owners. At this point the my G500 is something like four years old so it wouldn't be unreasonable to replace it. But I don't want to spend any money so I thought I would try and fix it. I found a video of a guy who had to put plastic in his mouse to keep the buttons from pushing. His theory was that static electricity was causing the other buttons to fire as if pressed.

So I took my mouse apart to see if there was anything I could do.  Watch the video below to see my somewhat hilarious attempt. I present it mostly for comedic value.  I apologize for the blurry picture and my mumbling.

Once I had the mouse apart I found a bunch of cat fur in and around the middle button/scroll wheel. I cleaned it out and blew out the mouse with compressed air. So for the verdict. Did it work?  It seems to have. That was three weeks ago and I am still using it with little problem. I guess I can blame everything on the cat.