Welcome to tech-surge

What is tech-surge.com(pronounced tech dash surge)? It’s my personal tech and gadget blog. I have been in the computing industry for over ten years and a fan of gadgets all my life. I started this blog as a place to put some of my thoughts about programming, technology, and the world of gadgets. This isn’t an attempt to get rich and famous.
What is the tech-surge difference? It can best be summed up with the phrase long form. I subscribe to many tech blogs via rss and twitter and I’ve noticed an inundation of shallow content. For about a week I followed one tech blog on twitter. Everyday I’d drown in twenty to thirty tweets for blog posts that where nothing more than half a press release, a image, and maybe one sentence of comment. Even the bigger blogs don’t seem much better. Where are the long term reviews? It’s all about bling and short term SEO. How about you give me an update on that laptop you’ve been using for six months.
Since I am not trying to make a living with this blog I am free from the drive to be the first and the fastest. Also, those popular sites have staff. My staff is me and I have a real job and other things to do with my time than to try and keep up with every press release. I find motivation is also a problem, so if I keep the topics to things I am interested in, that only increases the likelihood of more content.