Taking the long way round

To go along with my new netbook I purchased an SSD from www.tigerdirect.com. They had a sale. Ninety dollars for 120 GB, a pretty good deal. I picked the the free shipping which they claim takes 8-10 days.  I was in no hurry so I didn't care about it taking that lone.  Once get the confirmation that it had been shipped I went to check the tracking number just for fun.  I saw that it was coming from Carol Stream Illinois.  This is great I thought.  I live in Illinois. No way this will take 8 days.  They then proceed to ship it to Missouri.  Where it sits for a few days.  Finally today they are shipping it to me.  It won't take 8 days, only 7.  I guess I got that going for  me.

Update:  Somehow they did manage to make it take 8 days to ship something 100 miles.